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Quickly install doors predictably and safely in existing linings.

The remedial hinge is a product designed to solve the common problems associated with replacing timber doors in previously used linings, where the fixing holes are either threaded or ovalized. Sixpence Industries’ patent pending design uses eccentric inserts to rotate the fixing position to allow a secure fixing every time when screwing into fresh timber. Using the same principle of an engine re-bore, with a first oversize piston, the remedial hinge is 1/8” oversized to allow a re-seat.


The vast majority of doorways are utilised for their function over form. When damaged, these utility doorways often burden us, requiring the same lavish, antiquated repair methods regardless of their status within the property. The remedial hinge offers you an alternative with a fast and effective solution avoiding a necessity for dowels, glue, filler and paint.

This product is aimed towards the commercial property sector, housing association, HMOs and private tenancies etc, with time and cost benefits for both property maintenance contractors and landlords. Plans are now in motion for BS 1634 and BS 1935 testing to extend compatibility for eventual fire door use.

Demonstration of the hinge in action:

Please click to enlarge each image.

A short stop motion video showing how the hinge works:

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